This is a write up of our charity walk up Snowdon in aid of Family Fund. Story told by Mum (Rosie) about the Wells family taking on their biggest challenge to date.

Dad (Tim) who comes up with the mad ideas for quality family time like this trip, Eli age 6 with Autism who's so excited that he will be walking his second Mountain and wanting to run to the top and last but not least Milly, age 4, happy to go with the flow.

On the 13th March 2018 we set off  for our attempted climb to reach the top of Mount Snowdon, We took the Llanberis path, the sun was shining and it was quite warm at the start, we had been warned by locals that at the summit and nearing it there was ice and snow, so in our bags we had crampons an ice axe and walking poles, determination was the key for the day.

We were determined to reach the top as we had raised over 400 pound in sponsorship for the family fund a charity which had helped Eli with grants. Visibility was fantastic the views were simply amazing all around, Milly four and Eli six were full of excitement at walking up there second mountain, especially when we saw the train going up making repairs and also the mountain rescue helicopter continuously circulating.

By the time we had reached Clogwyn station lunch was very much needed to recharge our batteries as we had covered what we considered to be some dicey paths, little did we realise what lay ahead. As we sat looking at the views, we could see lots of snow was what lay ahead for us. People were making there way back down the mountain, warning us of a bit of the path that was passable but full of ice so extra care was needed. We finished lunch and set off, and here we hit the snow and ice, there was not much path left uncovered by snow at this point we  are 800m up the mountain. all that was going through my head was don't look anywhere but straight ahead, but stupidly I did and either side of me was an enormous drop. After been halfway through the ice and snow, I was hesitant as to whether to continue but with the summit not far off and lots  of coaching from Tim, the kids completely clueless as to why mummy was a bit like aaahhh!!! I pulled it together and thought I can do this. Teamwork is the key and all Eli kept saying was I want to hold mummy hand, so if a four year and six year old can do it so can i.

So here we are the final piece to the climb we made it all the way to the summit of Snowdon, we had climbed through easy parts, very rocky paths and train tunnels, we were applauded by a group of youths congratulating us on the fact we had reached the top of Snowdon what an achievement. Just when I thought the climb up was over we then had to navigate some very narrow steps with people coming up and down, no such thing as waiting your turn when you hit the summit of Snowdon, hence why are photo is the way it is, at the top our legs felt like complete jelly, I looked left of me at the summit and felt rather sick. (I'm not a fan of heights) but remembering why we had climbed 1085m for such an amazing charity made every minute of it worthwhile. would we do it again? Of course we would!

Now came the fun part what we climbed up we now needed to climb back down, on the snow bit Eli found it hilarious watching me and Tim slide down on our bums only way to do it, the dog loved rolling in the snow, Eli enjoyed making snowballs, and Milly enjoyed eating it win-win all round really. Crampons and ice axes were not needed in the end but useful for another time, better to be prepared than not. A happy feeling of quite what we had all achieved but we  cannot express how proud we are of our two little people who did amazing. Hope you have enjoyed reading this blog and we have many more adventures ahead of us so please continue to follow Eli and Milly on their Facebook page walking with Eli.

We are very pleased to announce we raised £425 for Family Fund, so thank you to everyone who supported us to achieve this.