Setayesh stars in the McCain and Family Fund: 'Little Moments' TV Advert


Setayesh is ten and lives in London with her dad, Nasir. Setayesh is autistic, and Nasir is her main caregiver.

He says “We’re just trying to enjoy life, as it wasn’t either of our choice. The neighbours say I am a great dad.”

Setayesh’s condition

Nasir explains that Setayesh’s autism has a number of effects. “She would love school, but she can’t communicate with others, she can’t talk. She can’t use the toilet, and has to use nappies. She has difficulty sleeping. They’ve said she will be ok at around 15/16 years old.”

He also has to help her with everyday activities and strengthening exercises. “She’s not able to do certain things, and needs help to do things like shower. Her body muscles aren’t strong enough to carry her weight, so we dance to practice strengthening them.”

How it affects the family

As Setayesh’s main carer, Nasir has had to support the family through a lot of change. “My wife left us, I lost my job, and we don’t know any other families in the UK. I can’t describe it, it is a very big job. The biggest part is that I’m not able to work, so it affects my life in that way.”

During the day, Nasir explains “She’s busy with school, so I might be waiting for a GP referral or picking up her medicine to help her sleep. When she gets back, I’m looking after her, and feeding her. I enjoy helping her to draw something or playing with her.

How we helped

“We heard about Family Fund through our Family worker. It was a long process to confirm the final grant, but it’s helped a lot.

“The fridge is helpful as our old one was broken, and it now means that we can store fresh food for Setayesh. The £100 clothing voucher meant that we could get her some new warm clothes.

“As we aren’t getting Disability Living Allowance, it was a big help to us.”

How it made a difference

“The fridge means her diet has improved, and the clothing voucher means she has access to warmer clothes during the colder months.”

Find out how to apply for a Family Fund grant

How you can help

If you would like to support more families like Setayesh's, please donate to Family Fund.

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