Wahoo! I’ve got to be honest, I haven’t enjoyed the last 6 weeks one bit. I’ve spent many days even the odd week not leaving the house and stressing that everywhere will be so busy. I’ve hidden at home with the kiddies and tried to create a ‘fun zone’ in the house and the garden. I wish I could say the last 6 weeks has been a joy, but I can’t.

I cannot believe how the weather has changed so quickly. One minute it was swim wear and sun cream and the next I’m rushing to the shop to buy puddle suits and wellies. At least the evenings are starting the get a little darker as I didn’t manage to get black out curtains this year for Summer and she was a nightmare at bedtime. Next year will be better I’m hoping as Summer will be older and she will understand more about how and why I need to shadow Riley 24/7 (due to his severe autism).

This week my two children have headed to preschool. Riley is doing his last year and Summer is starting for the first time! They grow up so fast! 

For the last six weeks I have been moaning to myself about getting back into a routine. Now I have actually got back into the routine I simply cannot roll out of bed. (Hands over eyes) There’s no pleasing some people, ay 

I pack the kiddies bags in the evenings and make their lunch because the mornings are so unknown these days. Either I can’t get out of bed, or the kids have been up at 2am, 4am and then when the alarm goes off and they won’t get up.

Riley has a Cath Kidston satchel and Summer has a Peppa Pig rucksack. I still end up carrying bits though as I can’t fit everything in their bags. Nappies & wipes (because Summer won’t take to potty training just yet), spare change of clothes, socks, vest, t-shirt, jumper & trousers, puddle suit, wellies, lunch and drinks, plus toys, dummies etc. If anyone can recommend a great bag that will fit all of the above please let me know. I am thinking about getting the kids a mini suitcase each so I don’t have to carry everything!

Luckily I have another year until I need to worry about purchasing school uniform and stationary. I’m certainly feeling anxious already about sending my baby boy to Primary School as I feel he’s nowhere near ready. I can only pray everything will work out...

So far so good! It’s the end of the first week of the kids being back at school and you can certainly tell the difference on the roads and whilst shopping. My two have enjoyed their first weeks, and although it’s only for a few hours it’s the much needed break I’ve been waiting for. I’m child free for a few hours for the first time in 3 years; I don’t know what to do with myself.

3 months and it’ll be Christmas where is the time going?!

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