Fundraiser Sarah found a creative way to fundraise for Family Fund earlier this year by being sponsored to cut off the lovely long hair she’d been growing for over two years!

“I’d been growing my hair in preparation to be a bridesmaid at my sister-in-law’s wedding. After the wedding I was planning on cutting it off anyway, but because it’s so long and there’s so much of it, I thought I might be able to help someone and raise money in the meantime!”

“I donated the actual hair to The Little Princess Trust but raised money at the same time in aid of Family Fund. Going to my normal salon I got lots of pictures so people could actually see me getting it cut off and I was so proud to wear my T-shirt as it’s a cause close to my heart!”

Sarah was determined to raise as much money as possible and found that the unusual nature of her challenge got people’s attention. “I’ve received lots of support from my family and friends. I know Family Fund must receive a lot of applications and it won’t always be possible to give everyone a grant but I thought it would be nice to raise some money so they could spread a bit further the wonderful work that they do.” 

When deciding on a charity to support, Family Fund seemed like the obvious choice. The charity is close to not only Sarah’s heart but an important one to a lot of her family.  “I’ve known about Family Fund from being very little. I’m disabled with cerebral palsy and my family had received funding for a washing machine whilst I was growing up. Now my eldest son Jack has been diagnosed with autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Family Fund are helping again. This year we’re really looking forward to a Haven family break.  It really helps Jack to get away from home and just have some fun, we can have a bit of quality family time too.”

 “For me this was a way to say thank you to Family Fund for all the help they’ve given me and my family. From the times when I was a child and how they helped me then, to now that we’re receiving help as a family for Jack. It’s my way of giving something back.”


Sarah hoped that through her fundraising she’d be able to raise more awareness about the charity. “I passed out materials to show who Family Fund is and how they help families. I want people to know what charity they are supporting. For people who are unsure of what Family Fund does it’s nice to show them that by donating they’re helping families raising disabled children and it really is a very good cause.”

“Knowing the work that Family Fund does, I would definitely advise anyone thinking of fundraising to go for it and raise as much money as they possibly could! The support all my family have received from Family Fund has been really helpful and I’m personally truly grateful. I’ll keep supporting Family Fund for years to come”.