Samuel is 10 years old, and lives in Angus. “Samuel has autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), a genetic mutation and severe anxiety,” explains his mum, Sharon. “He is very full on, and requires constant supervision. Family life now revolves around Samuel, and we are restricted in what we can do and where we can go because of his needs. The whole family has to make decisions with Samuel in mind.”

“I think I first heard about Family Fund through a support group. When I was applying, I found the application form absolutely fine. I had someone from the support group come and sit with me while I filled it out. After that we had a home visit, but that was absolutely fine too. It was all very simple.”

“We applied specifically for the washing machine. The washing machine we had at home kept breaking down, and it was a vital thing for us. We have a high quantity of washing due to Samuel’s condition, and I have other children as well. It was just something that we really needed.”

“Without the grant, I would have still needed a washing machine, but I wouldn’t have any way of paying it off. Money would have been extremely tight. I would probably have to keep using the one that was broken, and find someone to come and keep it going for as long as possible.”

“Family Fund has been a huge support to us. I have friends who have been applying for years, and who have been telling me that I should apply. They have found it a huge support over the years, and been able to get lots of things that they have needed for their children. It was through listening to them that I was encouraged to apply. It has been a huge help, and we are really grateful.”