Road to Kilimanjaro

We all have fears, things that we are working on, insecurities and aspirations to be better. Growing up, I always believed I was invincible, that there was nothing I couldn't achieve if I put my mind to it. More recently, as an adult, I realised that life can be very hard sometimes and you can set goals that are not so achievable, especially the ones that don’t depend only on you. In the process I learned that the most important thing is that you always have hope. And this is why I clicked with Family Fund. Family Fund gives hope to families, and helps their kids dream that they can be invincible!

December 2018

Everything happened so fast - I booked my flights three weeks prior to my expedition; training started immediately and was very intense with mountain gear shopping becoming the main focus of my weekends. I set up my fundraising page on day one, after booking the flights, and made sure I shared it on all my social media platforms and with friends, family and work colleagues. The people who knew how much I love a challenge, how spontaneous I am, and those aware of my fitness abilities quickly started donating on the page. Most people, however, seemed a bit sceptical about me actually making it to the top, so they saved their donations until after the hike. I made a plan to do constant updates from the mountain to maximise the donations, however I did not take into consideration that signal would be an issue. And it was an issue! I knew that if I didn’t send updates about my hike, people would forget that I was there and forget to donate. So my worry on the mountain was getting signal to remind people to donate, that more than speaking to my parents! (I hope they are not reading this). Lucky enough, I underestimated the kindness and care of people around me and I am very grateful to everyone for their contribution!

To get to the top of Africa, to Uhuru peak (5,895m), we chose the Lemosho route, which is the longest of all routes, but also the one with the most beautiful scenery (according to reviews). Most people who choose the Lemosho route finish it in 8-9 days, but we set an ambitious goal of 6 days and we made it! We also were the fastest team to summit and return to base camp on the 19th of December. An incredible experience!

Reaching the top of Mount Kilimanjaro was the strangest feeling. For one second, I forgot that I could not breathe well, I wanted to take photos, but tears were running down my face. I was freezing cold (at -15 degrees celsius) but I did not care, I forgot that I slept in a tent for the past few days and had not taken a shower in ages... I felt invincible!

Thank you Family Fund for being next to me on this experience, for the great work you guys do and for supporting amazing families across the UK.

I will definitely be in touch and hope to help fundraise again very soon!

If you’ve been inspired by Letitia, why not set your own challenge for 2019 and sign up for one of our events to support Family Fund!