Family Fund helped us just over three years ago. 

Truthfully I was a bit reluctant to ask for help, I’d always got what Z needed, I have a good family that help too. 

I remember it was at a stage when he was starting to escape, he was jumping off everything and I knew then I needed something outdoors for him.  His trampoline wasn’t meeting all his needs and his swing and slide set he already had wasn’t really big enough for him. 

A lovely lady came to the house to meet Z, had a look at the garden and that was it, we were accepted. 

Three years on the climbing frame we chose still keeps Z’s attention. It’s been a life saver this summer when we’ve not managed to go places. He loves the swing, just lying there, relaxing, sometimes with his iPad sometimes with his book, and sometimes he has a little snooze!

The height on it allows him to look across the gardens, and watch his little friend play! He loves to climb, the bigger he’s getting, the more adventurous he’s getting and we do have to tell him to get down now! He loves the sand pit underneath and gets sensory feedback from the sand too. 

Family Fund saved our sanity this lockdown, I couldn’t imagine if Z didn’t have his swing set and climbing frame. When E comes to play she loves it too, it’s like Z’s very own park where he can be himself! 

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