Playtime? As the parent of a child with limited mobility and quite severe autism - 'play' means a totally different thing to us as it would to others.

Playing, in Aj's case, can be something as simple as him just touching a toy!

Aj is now 3 & a half. Most children his age 'play' by going to the park/play centres, running around and using imaginative play to interact with their peers.

My son can't do any of those. 

If we go to the park, our usual 'luggage' would consist of, his wheelchair, the GoTo seat to help him sit in the swings, his walker to try and help him have a little more independence and keep him from crawling on the dirty floor, feeding pump and supplies if we go during feeding time and the usual nappy bag etc... 

We have to plan trips out like military operations 

We can't go after school hours or on weekends as it would be too busy and too loud for Aj to cope.


So we're pretty lucky at the moment as Aj only does 9-12 at his special needs school. 

At home, Aj's 'play' consists of being in his sensory room - watching his bubble tube, laying in his light tunnel, spinning his wooden sensory toys and climbing around using his soft play.

He likes to play alone, he struggles to stay focused and calm around other children and gets upset rather quickly.

Sometimes he will 'play' with either me or his dad in there, if we climb on to the top of his light tunnel, he will smile and try to climb up to join us! 

When he isn't in his sensory room, he's watching babyTV on the TV or watching babyTV on his iPad! 

Ohh that babyTV rules my life!!

I often feel he has too much time in front of the telly, but it's what helps him get through the day so I don't mind all that much. It's not doing him any harm.

I think he just likes to know it's on, rather than actually watch it? Because he will quite happily interact (in his own way) with us and his therapists a lot more than he would without it on. 

Because of Aj's struggles, we appreciate these little moments so, so much more. 

Every little smile reminds us, we're doing something right. 

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