Am I the perfect parent? Of course I'm not! Is anyone the perfect parent? I doubt it. Of course we all check social media and see those showroom houses, which will never happen in my world. There's always toys, the odd bit of left over crust that Z had lined up that morning, the smoothie carton that in my rush to get him dressed and cleaned for school I forgot to put in the recycling on my way out the door.

But I got him to school, he was fed, watered, had clean clothes on and was clean when he left the house, with a suitable coat and his packed lunch. That I think makes me a good parent! Social media can make anybody feel like they are not the perfect parent, but in truth what goes on behind closed doors nobody knows.

That perfect parent may have an area of the house that's pristine just for photos, the rest of the house could be worse than mine! That child may not have many toys so just enough to all fit away in a box keeping the room clean. Or there maybe a spare room where everything gets dumped into, you'll never see that picture with thousands of likes all over Instagram!

So are there such things as perfect parents?

Ones who get up every morning before the sun rises to get their workout in, then get dinner prepped and in the slow cooker before the kids have even got out of bed, to shower and get kids out and in school by nine? I bet there are parents like this and I'd call them organised not perfect!

I do what I can to keep him be safe at home and when we're out and about but that's just being a parent. I am learning when out in public if he's having a meltdown to let him kind of ride it out, or fix it before it escalates. People tell me I have loads of patience, and I do, but people don't see me loose that patience at four am on week five of no sleep! Again, I manage to get him to school every morning, get myself to work, collect him from school, get him to all his hospital appointments and take him to the park when it's dry. Perfect parenting, or just parenting?

Before I had children I always said if I did have any, if the IVF worked, I'd be that fun Mam. The Mam who gets paint and Play-Doh out in the house, the parent who joined in, went in the sea, or on the ride, who joined in at school. So far I've accomplished this. Z and I have achieved loads of things in four years. I'm the first one to have messy play in the living room, I'm not worried about paint on the walls, or toys being everywhere he's only going to be young once. There'll be a time I'll have no grubby handprints over everything, no toys cluttering my living room, then I can look back and say to myself maybe in that respect I was the perfect parent!

Jo is mum to Z, nearly four who was diagnosed with autism at 2 years 10 months. At the moment Z is still pre-verbal, he's starting to say the odd word, and his best friend is George our Chihuahua. They both love to go for walks and play in the water! - Read more of Jo's blogs at First Time Valley Mam