There are some people who I think are an essential part of the kit when you’re a Mum to a child with disabilities. These are a few of the people (there are of course many more) I know I am very lucky to have.

The Other Half

No one quite gets it (it being your path of parenthood) like the father of your kids. Because no one else loves them as much as you guys do. They’ve had the same worries and celebrated the same milestones. They’ve comforted you on the hardest of days and been there on all of the very best ones. Dad’s often have to work through tiredness and with the weight of the world on their shoulders. They can’t make every appointment because there are so many. That can’t be easy. My other half is my rock. He always manages to be a superhero Dad, when some days I struggle to channel my inner Mary Poppins. Okay, every day. Every day, I struggle to channel my inner Mary Poppins. I am never going to be that Mum!

The Mum/Nanny

Whilst no one quite gets it like your other half, no one quite gets you like your Mum. You know that saying “the more I grow, the more I realise my Mum is the best friend I ever had”. It’s so true. Your Mum knows you inside out, offering unconditional love and endless advice. They are someone you can completely trust with your little people. And they love them like they are their very own.

I spend about 90% of my life worrying and one of my worries is how our situation - and my ability to be up and down like a never ending yo-yo - must trouble my own Mum. She is always there for me and really is the best.


“Keep the ones that heard you when you never said a word”. BFFs just know. And they’re vital. Someone you can talk to about anything. Someone who can bring proper belly laughter into the equation. Someone you can Whatsapp day and night. And someone who will willingly restart that diet with you every Monday (or is that just us?). My BFF is the best girl that ever happened to me. She listens to me endlessly vent (more often or not about the same worries). She makes me laugh like I am carefree. She has held my hand on some dark days and stood there next to me on some really great ones. Everyone needs a BFF.

The SEND Parents

Fellow SEND parents are a massive tonic - whether you see them or not. There’s no shame in having online friends. And it can be particularly difficult to meet Mummy friends who you can relate to if you’re a parent to a child with disabilities. I feel lucky that I have a few local SEND Mums who are great friends, but I also have lots of amazing friends online too. It’s so comforting when you can talk to people who understand and there is nothing quite like “been there” advice is there?

The Disabled Rights Campaigners

Campaigners are often unsung heroes. They fight for accessibility and equality – two things that we shouldn’t have to fight for. They raise awareness. They shout for their loved ones, but they also shout for ours. And they do this when in reality they already have enough on their shoulders. We need these people because they make a difference and encourage the changes that we need in society.

I am lucky to have some friends who campaign, whether it’s for Changing Places toilets, better local services or to raise awareness of disabilities – they are all brilliant.  Not only am I grateful for our friendship, I’m hugely grateful for their strength and determination to change things for the better.

Some people in our lives just make all the difference. Now go and tell them!

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