Every year around April and September, I am overcome with the urge to purge. I want everything gone, fixed, re-decorated and cleaned. All those little jobs that have been on the to-do list for months are suddenly incredibly urgent and I cannot rest until they are done. As someone who was only diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) two years ago, up until that point I had no explanation for this all-or-nothing mentality, and the dramatic surges of activity that quickly fizzled out leaving me back at square one. However, the spring clean is a very "normal" thing that is now exploited in supermarkets with 'special offers' in the seasonal aisle, and a multitude of magazine articles and TV programmes encouraging us to 'cull the clutter' and free ourselves of the shackles of consumer goods. But what if you don't want to be free of your consumer goods? What if, like me, you quite like your pretty trinkets and cuddly toys? Well, dear friends, the answer is organisation.

Now, in order to organise a lot of stuff, one needs a lot of creativity. I suggest you head over to Pinterest (oh wonderful Pinterest) and get on Netflix to watch ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying with Marie Kondo’. Now, I know this woman has become somewhat of a celebrity of late, but back in the day a friend of mine lent me the book to read (a lot of my friends are queens of cleaning and/or decluttering and organising and would love to get their hands on my house of horrors). Whilst I dutifully read it from cover to cover, and launched into throwing all my clothes onto my bed, I never quite made the time to finish the task, and so ended up with a half decluttered and organised wardrobe, with origami folded PJs and knickers, and the other half of my wardrobe in a heap on the floor so I couldn’t get into bed to sleep that night.

Like all things, I think the best approach is the pick ‘n’ mix concept of taking what you find useful from a variety of sources until you have a personalised approach which gets results. I personally will never be thanking my clothes and taking moments on my knees to bless my house (heaven only knows what I'd catch... keep your shoes on at mine). However, I do love the idea of comparmentalising drawers with pretty boxes and origami folding clothes where possible to maximise space and make things easier to find. The baby's clothes and blankets are currently the most organised in the house having had the Marie Kondo treatment (as they were the quickest and easiest to start with).

Another idea my friend gave me was for the sorting of clean laundry. I've tried a variety of techniques in the past but the current success is using a box for each bedroom. So, when I get the clothing out of the tumble dryer/Dri-Buddy (if you don't have one already, get one now), I put it in a big washing basket and take it to the living room where I go through it all and chuck it in one of four baskets; N's room, the boys' room, my room, and the airing cupboard. Then the idea is that these baskets are taken to each room and the clothing put away. It saves on space and time, and means that even if the clothes aren't immediately put away, at least the clean stuff is all together and in the right person's room for them to then tip on the bed/floor whilst frantically searching for an essential item for school 10 minutes before we need to leave the house.  Therefore it is easier for me to throw back in the box when I get back from the school run and can't be bothered to put it all away properly.

I recommend a nice potter round Ikea, B&M Home, TK Maxx, The Range, Wilko, or even the big supermarkets, as well as a leaf through the Argos catalogue (other home and catalogue stores are available) for pretty and practical (and sometimes quite exciting, if that's your thing) storage and organisation solutions. On the cleaning side of things I suggest getting yourself a caddy from one of the aforementioned stores, and stocking it with a range of cleaning products that meet your needs. I'm a fan of Method cleaning products (ethical and non-toxic) and good luck finding the ever elusive Minky sponge, or it's £1 M&S rival. You also might want to check out the Facebook page/group for The Organised Mum Method (TOMM) and I think everyone and their dog is following Mrs Hinch on Instagram these days (if you're not, neither am I, but if you haven't checked her out already then get over there because she might be just what you need).

Good luck, and happy blitzing!

Disclaimer: None of the groups, people, brands, or stores mentioned in my post are in anyway affiliated. They are purely based on personal experience and things I've heard on the grapevine.

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