Oscar is four and lives in Hessle, Yorkshire with his parents and younger brother. Oscar has cerebral palsy, which severely affects his mobility, making it hard to take part in family activities.

“He can’t sit, he can’t stand, he can’t talk and he can’t walk,” explains his mum, Emily. “He is really clever though. He wants to do everything and he wants to be involved. He can see what his little brother is doing, and he wants to do the same and copy him.”

Oscar’s parents are currently saving to send Oscar for an operation in the US, meaning they have little money to spare on specialist equipment. “We are trying to raise £90,000 to get Oscar to the US for life changing surgery. He has really tight hamstrings and a lot of spasticity in his legs. An operation that they do there would reduce all the spasticity in his legs permanently.”

“That would mean that he was a lot more comfortable, and he would be able to come off a lot of his medication. At the moment, he takes a lot of muscle relaxants, which doesn’t help with his head control and all of the side effects that come with taking medication. The operation would also give him a lot more potential for eventually walking.”

The family applied for a Family Fund grant to purchase specialist equipment that would allow Oscar to become more involved in family activities. The equipment, made for them by Firefly, harnesses Oscar to an adult, allowing him to walk and play with them.

“The piece of equipment helps Oscar get involved with a lot more family activities. Now he can play football in the garden and we have taken him to the farm so he can feed the goats. It has just helped Oscar get a lot more involved with the everyday things we do.”

“We wouldn’t have been able to afford the equipment ourselves if we hadn’t received a grant, and without the equipment, Oscar would just be sat in his wheelchair in the garden. He wouldn’t be able to get involved in any activities. He would just be sat there all summer.”

“Family Fund has been a great help. Not just with the equipment, but with everything that you do.”