This year, Gareth Lockwood, an online fitness coach and nutrition specialist, set himself the challenge of a lifetime: to raise money for Family Fund & Great Ormond Street Hospital by completing a full 26.2 mile marathon… whilst pulling a car!

“I wanted a challenge that would really stand out from the rest, that would make a big difference when it came to raising money.”

Stepping outside his comfort zone

The challenge sprang from a chat with a friend about Gareth’s grandfather, a well-respected boxer in the British tank regiment, who often demonstrated a supreme level of fitness.  At the age of 83, he challenged a young Gareth to a push up competition – and proceeded to win hands down.

Inspired by his grandad, Gareth knew he wanted to push his limits and see what he was genuinely capable of. He says, “I truly believe that 99% of us will never know what limits we can force ourselves through, because we just don’t have to.”

He wanted a goal that would push him to the limit of strength and endurance, both physically and mentally, so when a friend mentioned Ross Edgley’s 2016 car pull challenge, he was sold!

All for the cause

“When I was younger, my brothers were both treated for a rare illnesses, so I saw in action the level of care, hard work and funding that is needed to make a difference. This motivates me and reminds me why my efforts count and why fundraising is necessary for charities like Family Fund to provide invaluable support for children and their families.”

You can cheer Gareth on during his challenge on 11th May at Meols Parade on the Wirral waterfront and you can follow his training progress on his Instagram and Facebook pages.

If you would like to support Gareth you can donate here.

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