Meet Olivia, she took on the ‘Boxing Day Dip’, a 60 year tradition in her hometown of Redcar, to raise money for Family Fund.

Olivia decided to take the plunge in fancy dress, hoping that a sumo suit might provide a bit of added insulation as well as making the freezing swim as fun as possible. “The ‘Boxing Day Dip’ is a long standing tradition in my hometown and one that I have upheld in previous years. I have always found the event fun, albeit absolutely freezing, but it’s also a great way to raise money for the charities I support. This year was slightly different, the impact of the Coronavirus meant that the wider publicised event was cancelled, but a couple of us were still determined to carry it out and help our individual causes.”

Olivia didn’t let the cancellation dampen her spirits, she explained what kept her motivated, “It is always daunting facing the grey, icy North Sea on a cold December day, but it’s important to remind yourself of why you are doing it and who you are doing it for.”

“I have a severely disabled cousin and was greatly inspired by Family Fund's commitment to support families raising disabled children. I have seen first hand how difficult it can be for families to support the needs of children who sometimes require greater care and attention. So, when we decided to continue with the swim it was a great opportunity to fundraise for the charity and help families facing difficult times in any way I could.”

In the lead up to the event Oliva tackled the fundraising aspect of the challenge head on. “I created my own sponsorship forms, informing people of the event. I then set about sending these forms to family and friends. Moreover, I was able to advertise the 'Boxing Day Dip' on Facebook, where I raised more money.”

Olivia’s fundraising top tips

  • Get yourself stuck in to any activities in your area
  • Try different types of activities to raise money
  • And most importantly - don't be afraid to look like a wally whilst you do it!

After the swim Olivia stode out of the North Sea with blue legs but an amazing sense of wellbeing. “It’s always a great adrenaline rush. I was so delighted that I completed it and raised money for families who, particularly within the current climate, are facing struggles.”

Olivia has a lot more plans in 2021 to continue her fundraising. “I’ll definitely be taking part in the next 'Boxing Day Dip', however before then I’m going to focus on some warmer fundraising excursions, such as sponsored walks or even hosting a bake sale.”

“I highly recommend taking part in events like this, it's always a laugh and a different way to fundraise. Although it seems daunting, don't talk yourself out of it, it's always worth it in the end!”

Volunteering for Family Fund 

Not only did Olivia dedicate her time to fundraising for us, she is also one of our wonderful volunteers. 

“Since I began volunteering for Family Fund, I’ve been able to create awareness amongst my family and friends, not only through fundraising, but also through sharing social media posts on both Facebook and Instagram. I really want to share as much insight as I can about Family Fund. It’s so important to gain support from the wider community in order to help as many families as possible throughout the UK.”

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