Oliver is three and lives in Cambridgeshire with his parents and his three siblings. Oliver loves the sea and swimming, and takes after his older brother with his love for football. Oliver’s mum, Stacy, told us that “Oliver was born with a cleft lip and palate, and has moderate hearing loss and a severe speech delay. He uses sign language mostly, but he can get quite cross and frustrated when people don’t understand him.”

“We first found out about Family Fund through Little Miracles, and our local council also mentioned it to us when helping us with the process of applying for DLA. We decided to apply for a family break, as it’s something that would benefit Oliver but is also for the rest of the family. There are six of us in our family, so trying to do something for everyone can be hard, especially when Oliver gets most of the attention all the time. We decided to go to Haven in North Wales, it’s a beautiful part of the world, and my husband and I had our honeymoon in North Wales so it was lovely to go back with all the family this time.”

“Oliver had the time of his life, he absolutely loved it. He got to try archery and fencing, and absolutely adored going to the beach every day. Oliver loves anything outdoors, especially the sea. It’s where he can switch off and he finds it really calming. The older children loved it as well, everything is on site and it’s very safe and secure so they enjoyed having lots of freedom to do what they wanted."

"It was amazing to see Oliver so happy and carefree, he’s had three operations so far to repair his cleft palate and he only had his last one six weeks before our holiday so it was perfect timing for his recovery! There was so much for him to do, his favourite part was the fencing which is something we’d never get the opportunity to try at home. We’re so grateful that we were given the chance to get away and spend some time together as a family.”