Hey, my name is Nahid and I’m 2 years old now, but when I was born it was a strange world, that’s for sure!

I was first brought home to screams of ‘Welcome home Nahid’ from my siblings! A few days later, I was rushed back to where it had all started. 

The horrible, noisy place full of horrid looking monsters that kept poking me with needles. I spent a long time in there, and it was horrible. All the machines beeping, me crying, and all my friends crying too. Until one day my mother played something on her phone that was amazing. So calming, it blocked out all the noisy scary stuff. 

She continued to play it day and night. Most of the time I would fall asleep and so would she (even though her snoring would wake me up). 

We stayed in hospital a long time. A year to be precise. Everything changes in there, the staff, the patients, the rooms and the machines. One thing remained the same though. The same old track on the same old phone that made everything better. 

Two years later I still listen to it and fall asleep. The other day, we were driving my sister to school when it came on in the car and I fell asleep. It makes me really relaxed wherever I am. Mum was a bit cross, because she knew I wouldn’t nap later. 

It’s this one track that was consistent for me for the first year of my life. The one thing we had control over and that seemed safe, when everything else was falling apart. 

To be honest, it’s not really music, it’s a recitation of the Quran. It’s called Surah Yaseen, and I think that’s what made it extra special.

Some days it felt like it was my last breath. Praying was the only thing we had left to do. I’m a fighter, and I’m fighting through the battle of life. 

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