I have three boys aged 10, eight and two and I’m a single mum.

My eldest son has autism, and I found that out when he was three. At the time I was relieved that we finally had a reason for his behaviour and his ways of doing things. I didn’t cry or wonder why, I was happy that I finally understood it all.

My middle child had a cancer diagnosis at only four years old. It was a Wilms tumour on his kidney! He had to have chemo for seven months and his kidney and tumour removed. He’s now thankfully in remission and has regular check ups.

This was a devastating blow to us as a family; it turned our world upside down. Having two children who have disabilities and receiving their diagnoses didn’t really matter to me though, because I love them whatever the difficulties we face. I really think you gain the strength you need when faced with hard times. My middle son was such a brave, strong little boy that I got my strength from him and still do even now when he has check ups.

My youngest son is only two and is very much a handful and full of energy himself so it really is non-stop. I love the busy day-to-day life and when I see the three boys smiling and laughing everyday I know I’m doing something right.

My family has been brilliant from day one. I see my mum (the boys’ nan) at least once a month if I can (she lives over an hour away) and we talk on the phone everyday. My dad (the boys’ Grandad) lives about 10 mins away so we see him regularly and the boys love their family so it really helps.

My three boys make me proud every single day and I’m so thankful, so very thankful.

Simone is a new Family Fund blogger