That time of year is here again with Mothers creating costumes from bed sheets and card. Children practicing lines.


Parents shuffling to take a seat as tinsel is placed on angel’s hair.

Fairy lights twinkling on a Christmas tree and carols fill the air.


My son’s special school is no different in following in the tradition.

In years gone by my child’s autism has put a stopper to his taking part.

His fear not letting him enter the school’s hall.

Loud noises, costumes, chatter and strangers were just too much to bear.

Yet I sat each year on the cold plastic chair mesmerised by the children on stage.

Feelings of pride for little ones I never knew.

A tight feeling in my stomach, hoping one day my beautiful boy could stand up on that stage too.


And now he does, my shining star.

I know what it’s taken to place that star on his head.

I know what he’s overcome to walk into that hall.


I now sit on that plastic chair, barely noticing how hard it is.

The lights are shining and the tinsel’s sparkle is dancing.

Only just able to contain myself as pride, excitement and pure joy swirl and curl inside of me.


It doesn’t matter that he can’t sing the words or follow the actions.

To see him climb that mountain and join his friends is breathtakingly beautiful.

Looking around at the other parents with joy lighting up their faces.


The world outside doesn’t exist right now.

We only see the miracles on stage.

That feeling, that scene, if only I could bottle it and take a sip when life is blue.

No word is powerful enough to describe my pride for you, my perfect shining star.

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