Thankfully my little Riley (3 years old and severely autistic) is very easy going and doesn’t mind too much about any changes, just yet. My ‘normal’ child on the other hand is going through the terrible twos and believe you me, she is the bigger problem of the two!

I have recently taken Riley off the ‘Autistic diet’ (that’s another story altogether) and therefore cannot believe how unrestricted we are all feeling. Usually I have to carry a massive bag full of gluten and dairy free snacks and treats but have ditched this for the moment. Eating out and grabbing a quick snack together is so much easier and feels more complete when we can all sit together and eat the same.

I’ve started stocking up the fridge with bottles of water and I’ve found that the kids are managing to drink from the spout quite easily without making too much of a mess. But ‘hey’ it’s water anyway so it’s no bother if they do make a mess.

I also now only buy one size in nappies, 6+. Summer was wearing a size 5 but I always seemed to run out of one or the other. By doing this is makes my life a lot easier, this may not be so easy for some as there may be a larger gap between your children but it’s just an idea I thought I’d throw out there.

Both of my children can be really unpredictable so I try to pack the car up with as much as I can to keep them both entertained and happy. My 5 holiday tips are most likely going to differ from yours as we are all unique in our own different situations.

Here are mine –

Always over pack on nappies even if you leave some in the car ‘just in case’ The world is your oyster and I personally don’t like to feel restricted on what we can do. There might not always be a supermarket nearby.

Carry some snacks for the kiddies and always plenty of bottled water which we can all share to keep hydrated, especially in the heat we have seen lately!

Pack both iPad’s! I take Riley’s iPad everywhere and carry Summer’s with me just in case the battery runs out on his as they have very similar apps.

Enjoy the moments you share together and try not to worry or stress about the ‘what if’s’ too much.

The BIGGEST tip is plan the night before! Pack the bags, plan your trip, think about where you can change bums, think about parking and have change ready, decide which buggy to take, take coats as a backup. Literally imagine your day from start to finish and do most of the stressing the night before. That way you will wake up in the morning feeling ready and prepared for a great trip together with minimal stressing because you did most of that last night.

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