Corrina, a mum from Brooklands, overcame her fear of spiders and held a tarantula for one minute, raising money for Family Fund.

“I have a beautiful little boy called Alfie who has autism. Family Fund has helped us in the past with essential changes to our garden that's made it a safer place for Alfie to play. They have also enabled us to take a much needed family break with Alfie and his twin sister. I just wanted to give something back.”

“Also, I'm terrified of anything with 8 legs. TERRIFIED!!! So, what could I possibly do to challenge myself and raise some money for the Family Fund? Hold a Mexican tarantula for 1 minute? Simple for some. A HUGE, monstrous challenge for me!!”

The event took place at Timperley Aquatics in Altrincham on Halloween to add to the spooky challenge.

When she arrived on Saturday, Corinna took one look at the Chilean Rose Tarantula and said “No!”

But so many people were there to encourage her, so she had to do it.

“I was shaking, the shop owner, Graham Ralston, was really nice. He said ‘put your hand next to mine, I will let it on gradually.’”

Corinna said “When Alfie was a baby, I compared him to Maisie who was babbling but he wasn’t and he still can’t speak. He started nursery when he was two and they recognised his condition immediately. He was eventually diagnosed with autism when he was three.”

And now, Corinna is losing her fear of spiders - and has already raised £540 in sponsorship.

To donate visit Corinna's JustGiving page.