Walking through the house during term time and I am happy to say that for the most part once the children are in school the house is clean and relatively tidy. I am not the type of mum to demand made bed’s as I am a naturally messy person but only when it comes to my wardrobe and my bedroom. The rest of the house is tidy and if the kid’s bedrooms are a mess then woe betide them. I dread every day when the clock turn’s 3.30pm as its like an atomic bomb has detonated leaving in its wake a mountain of school item’s lunch boxes and well, just kids. 

Living with four children life can be pretty hectic, and mostly messy. For my daughter though with ADHD and anxiety, it border’s on the obsessive and I really think there’s elements of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. She cannot cope when there is anything out of place, even when I am cooking she is clearing up around me. There are times I turn around to reuse a spoon and she has washed it, or I go to a cupboard and she has rearranged it. Her bedroom is immaculate to the point that if I took an obscure item she would know. There’s not an item out of place and her bed is made every day.

I am often told I shouldn’t moan but having someone who is extra tidy can become really irritating. I constantly feel that the state of my house is under the scrutiny of my 11 year old daughter, the slightest item out of place can cause her to become upset. With six people living in a three bedroom house there’s going to be some mess, the house is lived in, not a show room. She is unable to cope and will become upset and irritated with the mess her siblings make. Having family and friends round is even worse, not only unable to cope with the influx of people she struggles with the added mess they make.

If you think that the tidying up and aversion to mess is only at home you are mistaken. Other people’s homes, shop displays, even the table in a restaurant she cannot help but start cleaning up. It’s a running joke that she like’s to go to her auntie’s house to tidy up. I never quite find the funny side though. I feel really sad that unless she is tidying something she feels out of sorts. I hate that she can’t cope with any form of mess and how much it upset’s her. For most children mess is something that follows them around, that’s the case for my other 3 girls. My youngest especially only has to walk in a room and its messy. She is unable to get dressed without emptying the wardrobe; she can’t eat her breakfast without dropping it down her top. How I managed to have two children that are complete polar opposites I have no idea, all I know is that mess in our family causes stress, upset, and tears. 

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