This year Mel is running the Virgin Money London Marathon to say thank you for the support her family received from Family Fund when they needed it most.

Having never taken on a marathon Mel finished her first ever half marathon just after turning 40 and the running bug has only grown stronger since then. With her sights now turned to the London Marathon we caught up with Mel to find out more about what inspired her to take on this challenge. 

Why are you running for Family Fund?

At age two my son, Mason, was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Money is tight as I made the decision to go part time to care for him. Each day with Mason is a joy, if not challenging at times, but this is made easier by the help and support of amazing charities like Family Fund. For three years they’ve helped my family get unaffordable items that have benefitted Mason in so many ways. This is my chance to do something challenging and give something back.

Why the London Marathon?

For the past two year I’ve watched my friend cross the London Marathon finish line and now it’s finally my turn. I’m so excited for the buzz of the day but most importantly having the huge honour of being a Family Fund runner at their first ever London Marathon… and mine! I’m nervous about training but I will do it, I’ll pace myself and try and push the nerves to the back of my mind.

How can people support you?

I’ve received such amazing support already from friends and family, it’s been amazing! If anyone wanted to support me you can visit my fundraising page and donate.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining #TeamFamilyFund?

Why would you not want to? The support is second to none and the grants they give to families are amazing, you would be crazy not to want to give back! Plus you should never take their help for granted as the money for grants is only there as long as we help keep the charity going and fundraising.


With the Virgin Money London Marathon only three months away we’re excited to see Mel go from strength to strength! If you’re interested in joining #TeamFamilyFund check out our exciting list of events