Maisie is five years old, and lives in Lancashire. “Maisie has Juvenile Idiopathic Polyarticular Arthritis, which affects all of her joints,” says her mum, Charlene. “She can be in quite a lot of pain in the morning, and she has got mechanical problems that can cause discomfort.”

“We have a lot of hospital appointments, as the medication that she is on can cause quite a lot of complications. She doesn’t sleep well at night, and it takes her a lot longer than her brothers to get up and get going. She struggles to get in to school, and has a lot of time off due to different illnesses.”

“My little boy had open-heart surgery, so I have quite a few friends with children who have additional needs. One of them said it would be a good idea for us to apply to Family Fund for Maisie so that we could get a hot tub, and she could have hydrotherapy to help her joints.”

“The hot tub has given us something to do on a weekend, as on Friday evenings she usually has injections that can leave her feeling wiped out, and she doesn’t have energy to do much the next day. It has been great to have something to do as a family, as usually days out are not possible.”

“We wouldn’t have been able to afford the hot tub by ourselves, and without it Maisie wouldn’t have access to the hydrotherapy that has been so beneficial to her. When she is in pain now, she is just able to get in. Not having the hot tub would also impact the family as a whole, as without it we wouldn’t have something to do together on a weekend. We are just so grateful to have a hot tub, and see the benefits that it has brought.”