Lyn's Egg-cellent Easter raffle

Meet Lyn, one of our creative fundraisers. Lyn put her spare time and creative hobby to good use with the brilliant idea of a knitted sheep basket filled with chocolate treats and raffling it off on the lead up to Easter; because who doesn’t want a knitted sheep basket filled with chocolate? 

Lyn raised an incredible £1200 selling raffle tickets! When asked why she chose to host a raffle, Lyn said it "was a great affordable way for lots of people to participate. They could buy a ticket for as little as £2.00." 

Lyn decided to fundraise for Family Fund as her goddaughter, Marie, has a beautiful three year old little boy with severe autism. Family Fund helped them with a grant in the past when they most needed it.

"I have always wanted to do something for charity but have never had time due to having a very demanding job. My only release from this was my crafting. So I thought I could use this to give something back and came up with my idea of the knitted sheep filled with chocolate eggs."

"If you want to have a go – just do it, people are more generous than you think."

When it came to promoting the raffle Lyn used as many social media platform as possible, saying "Facebook has been brilliant." Lyn drew the raffle live on Facebook so everyone could get involved and keep it fair. 

Top tip: Ask your employer if they offer a charity match scheme as many do and this could help boost your total. Lyn's company donated an fantastic £500 to the total, so always worth asking!

If Lyn’s egg-cellent raffle has filled you with ideas of your own then get started today! It can be as simple as setting up a Justgiving page to get going, and watch the donations roll in.

Happy Easter!