These are my feet, as drawn by D, in my Christmas card.

The cheeky “see the difference?” is a reference to the fact she finds it very funny that my feet are two different shapes (following my operation in August 2017) and, in her “zero filter” world, it was appropriate for my Christmas card.

It was, it made me laugh but it also made me realise that those things at the end of my legs have dominated our year.

I was either waiting for an appointment, then a referral, then another appointment, then an operation date, then a pre-op, then another operation date as it got moved, then post-op bandage removal, then the very long pin removal and now I’m waiting for an appointment to discuss the next (and hopefully) final operation – on my left one.

Which has had obvious impacts on my wellbeing and massively impacted our two autistic children as routines were subject to disruption.

The left foot in D’s picture is my right one and her perception of my “wonky” foot is a bit out, she’s made my toes look better and put the bit that needs cutting away in a different place, but the overall effect of one straight one and one very painful, nerves-shot-to-bits one is that, just that.

So, there we have it! I want to write on 1st January 2019 that 2018 hasn’t been dominated by the same, I wonder what my Christmas picture will be next year?

The other thing I want to do this year is get back into blogging, it helps me, benefits my wellbeing and I’ve been stuck in a rut of “I can’t keep writing the same thing” (see picture!), I also want to adopt a PMA (positive mental attitude) and so…

1st January – I’m grateful there are now only 22 days until I should know more about when my next operation is. You see? It’s all about the feet!