I’ve always been an outgoing person, always looking for the next event to bring people together and have a laugh, always looking for something fun to do. So when I found out that I could dig out my fancy dress AND support an amazing charity I thought ‘why not?’.

Organising my Dress Fun Friday at Family Fund was super easy. The Fundraising team here have lots of advice and resources to give. As soon as I got the green light from my manager, I sent an email to everyone in the office and put my Family Fund event poster up in the kitchen letting everyone know when they should turn up rocking their best fancy dress and that they should all bring at least £1 to donate.

On the day we had a 'funniest dressed' competition with a chocolate prize, there were some brilliant costumes including Dobby the House Elf, Spiderman, and some very funny hats. One of my colleagues even brought a bag of small dressing up items, like novelty sunglasses, for the people who forgot their outfits. The most important bit was making sure everyone gave a little donation and thankfully Family Fund sent some cute collapsible boxes that made the process really easy. Getting everyone to give at least £1 meant the money soon added up!

I personally chose to wear a cat onesie which I had lying in the back of the wardrobe. A lot of my co-workers were talking about putting their outfits on once they got to work, so I decided to ask for sponsorship to wear mine on the bus to work! People loved that idea, and they even sponsored me more to wear it to Costa for a lunchtime coffee- I got some pretty strange looks! 

My advice for anyone thinking about a Dress Fun Friday event is just go for it! It’s not a huge commitment to organise but it makes a huge difference to families everywhere.

You could do it at work like me, get your child’s school involved or get people to take a selfie!