We have been homeless for 7 weeks now and I have a lot of health issues going on as well as life dramas and general inconveniences, so tiny gestures from people have made a big difference. I also think the news and media are saturated with negativity at the moment and it's helpful sometimes to remind ourselves that people aren't all bad and we should be more open and friendly to each other in general.

I am the weird person on the bus, or in the shop, or on the street, or in the hospital waiting room that smiles at everyone and starts odd conversations and small talk. Some people embrace it, some people are horrified. I don’t know what compels me to do it but I just cannot be in silence with people, I develop a sort of tourettes where I just HAVE to say something to break the silence. I also always try and pass on my parking tickets if they have time left on them, give people money at the till if they’re short, give directions to people looking confused or lost, and basically go the ‘extra mile’ for people or animals whenever possible.

However, this last few weeks I’ve had a lovely karmic experience of it coming back to me.

I had to move out of my house. It was a disaster. Out of everyone I know, the three people that helped me pack and watched my baby were those I hadn’t seen in years, don’t see often, or are relatively new friends. They were the last people I would have expected to pitch in and I am so grateful for them. In addition to this, my dad set off from his house at 3am to make the 4-5hrs journey to get there for the same time as the packers to pitch in. He stayed until the late evening packing, tidying, organising, and also disassembling furniture and doing the DIY bits I couldn’t with a baby on my hip. Another friend watched the baby from 9-5 so I could attend a meeting and get the packing and other jobs done. The removal guys were amazing. They had no idea what they were going to be walking into and their workload immediately doubled. Their boss sorted it all out, and whilst it cost me a small fortune, their willingness to be flexible and work their arses off made it happen. I also managed to find a short-term let. The lady got me and the baby (and the dog and 2 cats) into a one bed studio type thing for 2 nights, and then a 2 bed chalet sort of affair with the other 3 kids when they came back from their dads. There are two teenage girls living in one of the apartments here and they have carried SO MANY bags and boxes for me over the last couple of weeks as well as watching my screaming baby while I moved everything in. I have also had 2 lovely friends take in the guinea pigs as we don’t have room for them here.

House related magic aside, other kindness I have experienced:
– 2 teenagers and also a guy in his early 20s helping me to carry the pushchair up, and then down, some steps when a lift was broken
– a complete stranger paying for my £3 coffee when I couldn’t find my purse
– the cafe owner then giving said stranger a free packet of wafers for paying for my coffee
– a member of staff at the job centre giving me his fruit pot when I mentioned I hadn’t had breakfast when they asked me to leave my coffee with the security guy
– waiter at ASK getting the baby a pot of raspberries, strawberries, and cut up grapes yesterday
– lovely staff at Boots opticians taking the time to help me choose my new frames even though I swore lots and made a big drama of it
– countless people who have given me random bits of change when I’ve been short at parking meters`
– my respiratory nurse who brought both my blood form and then my medication to my house after I lost the form and the dog and baby ate my prescription
– my friend who met me for lunch after I whinged on Facebook that I was lonely
– another friend who answered the phone and listened to me ramble about my anxiety and EDS issues for ages on Friday night
– the lady who pulled up in a car park to tell me she loved my car, mention the specific bits her and her daughter had admired, and that she had taken photos to show her sons

I am sure there are many more examples which I’ve forgotten in the haze of life but I hope these examples show how small acts of kindness or thoughtfulness really do make a difference and are genuinely appreciated.

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