Jaden, eight from Dundee, has autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and an anxiety disorder. In the past, he has often struggled socialising, and would often lock himself away in his room. Family Fund grants have not only provided him with opportunities to develop new skills, but have also allowed him to experience new places.

“We have been to Disneyland twice now, and he still isn’t over it,” jokes his mum, Girlie. “He loves Winnie the Pooh, and last time we were there we were able to meet Tigger and Eeyore. He struggles to express himself, but you could see the happiness on his face. It was great to see.”

An iPad that Jaden received through Family Fund has also provided many opportunities. A few years ago, Girlie helped Jaden establish his own YouTube Channel, JadensWorld, in the hope that looking into the camera and speaking publicly would help to build his confidence.

“He reviews toys, and now we can travel, we can film videos on holiday. He had one video singing Happy Birthday in French and it received 20 million views! People would recognise him in McDonalds and come up and speak to him. It really helped, and now he talks and socialises with people far more easily.”

“Now he wants to be a director, and his sister Samantha is asking if she can have her own YouTube channel. As well as helping the individual child, Family Fund grants do so much for the rest of the family. When the kids are stressed, the stress is doubled for the parents. We are always worrying. When your children are happy, you’re happy. You’ll never understand how much you have helped us.”

Want to learn more about Jaden and his family? Take a look at his YouTube channel, JadensWorld.