Jack is four years old and lives in Merseyside. He experiences sensory processing difficulties, but is yet to receive a formal diagnosis. 

“Jack has to have a particular routine, and he does not like change,” says his mum, Carly. “It means that we as a family can’t do anything off the cuff. Everything has to be structured and have a routine in place.”

“This affects the family as a whole, as he has a brother and sister who aren’t able to go out with us as much as we would like. For example, we can’t really go out for a meal, because Jack can’t deal with being out in that type of public place. So, the other two tend to miss out on those things.”

Jack’s family applied to Family Fund for a grant to help with garden work, in the hope that it would allow Jack and his brother and sister some freedom.

“We knew we wanted garden works, because at the time we had no fences at all, and the garden was in no fit state for the children to play. We had dogs coming in from next door, so it wasn’t safe to let them go out. Jack was literally housebound unless he was in nursery, which obviously wasn’t good for him.”

“We have benefited massively since the garden was completed. It has given the children somewhere to play safely. Now Jack can run off and use up some of his energy without us worrying about where he is, or if he is in danger. We know that he is safe when he is out there now.”

“We definitely wouldn’t have been able to afford it by ourselves. We already had family members chipping in to help us cover our costs. If we hadn’t received the grant, the children would still be locked up inside. Anybody who thinks they might be eligible to apply for Family Fund grant should just do it.”