My autistic son is 10 years old and he is with me constantly apart from when he’s at school, I feel that time flies during those school hours and I try to get as much done as possible.

The morning routine before school is a very stressful one as I have three children and I'm a single mum, it’s non stop! I sigh a breath of relief once the two older boys are dropped at school and it’s just my toddler and me for the day then!

After school is also very stressful due to my autistic son saving up his anxiety and frustration all day at school for when he gets home to his comfort zone and then meltdowns follow.

I feel that the time from school finishing to bedtime can seem like forever on his particularly bad days if something at school hasn’t gone right. I cherish every single second with my children as with having a child (my second born) that had cancer you learn to make every second count! I’m very thankful.

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