You’ve just heard about Family Fund from your friend and want to find out more. You completed your online application about three weeks ago and want to check on its progress. You need to find out when you can next apply. These are all reasons why you would interact with our First Contact Team.

Whether you have used our Contact Us form on the website, emailed us or given us a call someone from our First Contact Team will be dealing with your query.

Mandy is one of our First Contact Officers, “Working as part of the First Contact Team means families sometimes get in touch with difficult questions or distressing circumstances. Being able to help people and know that we can make a small difference to our families makes it worthwhile.”

“I had the pleasure of speaking to a lovely little boy recently who was only 5 years old; he was really brave and came on the phone to thank Family Fund for his tablet.  It was a very sweet gesture and brought tears to my eyes, the tablet had made such a difference to his communication.  I also remember a 17 year old boy who enquired about an award for blind football, as football was his passion.  What an amazing achievement!”

“Recently a family phoned feeling really overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork they had to deal with.  The family were struggling to find the relevant documents we required and also struggling to access the online system.  I listened, offered assistance and support and talked mum through how to apply online.  Mum subsequently phoned back still struggling to navigate the online system and I again talked her through how to copy and paste the password.  By talking mum through what was required, she managed to access the online system and put through an application for a tablet.  This was just one tiny job off the huge to do list she had and made a massive difference to mum by us easing the pressure, listening and helping her from start to finish.”

“We like to give a family time to explain their query, listen and offer thorough assistance.  Calls can last anything up to six minutes. We can also signpost to other organisations like Contact a Family and Turn to Us.”

The team answering your Contact Us questions, emails and calls is only small compared to the amount of families we help every year, and sometimes the waiting times on the phone lines can be quite long, especially around the beginning of the New Year.

Mandy goes on to say, “The best part of the job is the knowledge that we are putting a smile on a child’s face with something that is going to be beneficial to the family and child, and in turn ease the pressures of the family. We get a weekly round-up of all the "Thank You" messages our families send in to us on social media and it’s great to see the difference we have made to families in difficult financial times.”

Our most frequently asked questions can be found on our Contact Us page.

You can email us at [email protected]

Or call us on 01904 550055

However you decide to contact us, you will be speaking to Mandy or someone like her.