When it comes to sports and disability, inclusion is so important. It’s equality. It’s community. It’s wonderful. It breaks down barriers and creates awareness that we are all different.

Brody is only four years old, so my experience to date with sports has been somewhat limited. Admittedly this is because he has mobility issues and delayed understanding. However, I am so fortunate that he goes to a fantastic (mainstream) nursery where inclusion is highlighted in lots of different ways. From him receiving a Spanish certificate (he's non-verbal) to physical activities and sport. They very recently had sports day and he came home with a medal just like everyone else.

Children learn from one another. They learn from example. And children with disabilities should have the opportunity to participate in sports just like everyone else.

Brody might not be able to understand the concept of sport. He might not be able to understand the concept of winning a race. Or be able to physically ride a bike, hop, skip or jump. But he loves taking part. He loves joining in. And for him, that's what it's all about. Being included by his peers and having fun. Sure I might sometimes get an attack of the sads watching him struggle to do something. But I just need to give myself a mental shake and support him through it. He’s a true champion. 

I know I am lucky in my experience to date. His nursery gets it right every time. I truly wish this for you if you have a child with disabilities, whether they attend a mainstream setting or specialist school. It makes all the difference.

I know it’s cliché to say it’s not the winning, it’s the taking part. I am almost rolling my eyes at myself trust me. But it’s true. If there is inclusion then we’re all winning. Because that’s what so many of us fight for – access for all and equal opportunities. 

We are less if we don’t include everyone (Stuart Milk).

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