My son was diagnosed with Asperger's at the age of 4, and then re-diagnosed at the age of 7.  In school, he wasn't reading or doing maths.

The diagnosis suggested that he would not really be able to learn anything, and would have to go on mood altering medication due to his tendency to get anxious. This definitely wasn't helped by his fine motor skill issues, which made him slow in doing things like writing, putting his clothes on and eating with cutlery. 

He was going to go to a special boarding school, and then later into a supported living arrangement.  We were living in Belgium at the time, where the state will take care of everything. The parents aren't empowered or supported to look after their own children with special needs.

We made the decision to come back to Britain, as even if nothing worked for him in school we could still home educate, which wasn't an option in Belgium at the time.

We have tried every kind of education you can possibly think of. He has been in full-time mainstream education with a personal Teaching Assistant, he has been flexi-schooled and he has been home educated. He is now back in a mainstream University Technical College with an Education, Health and Care Plan, after not being in school for more than two years.

For a child that ‘couldn't learn anything’, he is now top set in all of his classes and is having a reasonably good time, although he often finds that there isn't enough structure in the teaching. He's in year 10 now, and although life for him is definitely not without its challenges, I stand in awe every day at what he has overcome.  He wants to be a physicist, and with the right support, I believe he has a serious chance of becoming just that.

Dominique lives in Romsey, Hampshire. She is mum to her 13 year old son with Asperger's and 12 year old daughter with auditory processing disorder.

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