I squint at the alarm clock, it’s only been four hours since I went to bed but at 5:48, I’m expecting it to ring soon.

The tranquility of the house lures me back to sleep........

Aaaaaaargh! I glance at the clock, the time is now 7:00 not the needed 6:15 so the race begins.

The manic waking of the children by shouting only to find that they are already up and in fits of laughter.

Up, but watching TV not getting ready, deep breaths and a sigh. Where’s my black scarf? Not a hat in sight looks like it’s going to be a no frills ponytail day!

Yes! Made the 8:15 drop off at Waterloo Station for undergraduate daughter to catch her train to University in Portsmouth. Tick.

8:40 and Akia is signed, sealed and delivered to the sixth form gates. Tick. Only two more stops before 9:00.

The school bell rings at 9:00 on the dot and the parents huddled up in groups cheer, smile and continue to converse. I try to wave and keep walking, conscious speech therapy is at 12:00 for little man. Tick...almost, Pete’s mother obstructs my path with her wispy silhouette and hugs the breath right out of me.

“We just want you to know that we have had a word with the school as it’s unfair for him to have to wear the high visual jacket at playtimes. He is different but they do not have to draw attention to it or embarrass him,” she quips.

She continues to echo that Pete and the children in the class adore Cassius, of almost mascot status, which makes me laugh. I remember him last Friday, running the wrong way at the school fair, then his class chased after him and the girls taking his hand, boys pushing him, leading him the right way.

Bless her; she hasn’t noticed that he isn’t in uniform or that I’m taking him back home with me.

I dare not tell her that they have asked that I keep him home until a teaching assistant is employed for him and have homeschooled him for the last three weeks.

“Awwww, thank you, I’m so appreciative of you all. Thank you again, I’ll give you a call later”, I reply air kissing her on both cheeks.

With some persuading and YouTube bribery on my phone after his reluctance to leave school, we’re home at 9:45 and I prepare lunch and dinner straight away. Tick.

Speech therapy goes smoothly and we are back to have lunch by 1:30. Tick!

Squeeze in some handwriting, numbers, alphabet and trampolining before picking up Akia at 3:15. Tick.

Snacks eaten in the car before tuition at 4:00. Tick.

Shopping whilst waiting until pick up at 5:30. Tick.

Pick up from Waterloo after 6:00. Tick.

Supper is on the table by 7:00. Tick.

Everyone (except me) bathed by 8:00. Tick.

All in bed by 8:30. Tick!

Return young man back to his bed and out of sisters’ several times. Tick, tick, tick!

I hear the phone ringing but can’t muster the motivation to run downstairs and rummage through the bottom of my bag. Instead, I finally bath by 10:00. Tick!

Take a sleeping Cassius from sister’s bed to his own. Tick.

I remember New York cheesecake in the fridge and decide to watch TV whilst I eat it. But realise TV is watching me as I nod off.

I stumble to my bedroom. I made it to my bed today. Excellent. Tick.

I hear the alarm clock strike midnight; look at my trusted friend, glad this is to be the last glance at a clock or watch. I make a mental note of the day ahead tomorrow and close my heavy eyes. Tick.

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