The run up to Christmas in our home is truly an exciting time, filled with happiness.
I enjoy seeing my children Savannah and Dayren merry and getting into the spirit of the holidays, they look forward to decorating the tree, the school holidays, lots of fun, and presents!
We like gathering with friends and family to celebrate the holiday together, and have variety of traditional Christmas dinners. We cook together at home on the actual day though, and create our own traditions making whatever we want! We start the day by giving thanks, then make a big breakfast while playing Christmas carols. We talk about the importance of the day and what it means by reading a Christmas story, the children then open a few presents, watch movies, play board games and we have a big dinner.
After dinner Savannah and Dayren open the rest of their presents and play, burning off some of their built up energy and excitement!
My Daughter Savannah, who has been diagnosed with Global Delayed Development has made a video of the things she likes to do to prepare for Christmas.
You can also learn more about Savannah and see more of her video's which she started for other special needs children on her YouTube channel