Where to begin, I think this year could well be six weeks of hell. Last year I’d had an operation and wasn't dreading it as much as this year. 

This year Z's learnt to escape out of the garden, meaning he has to be watched constantly, there's no safe place. All doors and windows have to be locked or he’ll run. Which isn't ideal when the husband will be working four out of the six weeks. 

Normally I like plans, this year I'm not even planning as such. The first week I know there's hospital appointments, dentist, and I get to go see Celine Dion!! Second week, when the other half is off, we’re going to wing it, take the pooch for a walk, play in the garden, and just hope for nice weather. Visit the local parks either very early or later on in the evening when things are a little quieter so it's easier on Z. 

The only real plan I have is going to stay for a few days with my sister. I'm nervous with Z not sleeping and waking my niece up during the night, or getting her up early hours. But keeping family up has to be better than a hotel full of strangers right?! I'm going on the theory that three or four days into the holiday and he'll get to know her house, which will make it easier next time we want to visit. Plus they are already expecting nice early wake ups! Maybe as I'm getting used to it I'll be on baby sitting duty?! 

In my head I've just filled three/four weeks if I go stay with my sister on week four that means only two weeks left. 

There are a few places I really want to take him; back to Drayton Manor, the girls would like to visit Oakwood, and I'm sure we'll spend a few hours at the beach in the evenings. For the third year running we have to pay a visit to Cardiff Bay beach, even if it's just to play in the sand, it's quite quiet when it's wet! 

So maybe these holidays will be half planned half on a whim? He's going to be out of routine anyways with no school he's not going to know what's coming next!

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