As a company, we at Hero IT Support love to do our bit for charities and our local community. Whether it’s encouraging school children to take STEM GCSE’s or raising money by dressing up. That’s why for International Day of Charity, we hosted our own ‘Superhero Day’ to raise money for the wonderful charity Family Fund.

When asking the team what they wanted to do for this occasion, everyone thought it would be fun to dress up as their favourite superheroes as we are called Hero IT Support. It was quite fitting.

What Did We Do?

On Wednesday 5th September, it was just an ordinary day in the office… apart from everyone being dressed up as superheroes to help raise money for families raising disabled and seriously ill children and young people.

The day as a whole was brilliant with all sorts of characters from Supergirl to Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy. Just our luck, this was the day the building inspectors were due to pop in. Needless to say, we put on a good show and a smile on their faces as they cracked a few puns!

We also had a supplier visit the office for a quick meeting with Batgirl. He had previously heard of our fundraising intentions and agreed to meet as Batman, however, due to meetings prior to ours, he sadly couldn’t commit to his costume. Instead he took some photos of the team for us and exchanged more jokes with the technicians.

Next time, we may plan our costumes a little better after having a giggle at how the costumes made it difficult to complete certain tasks at work, such as answer the phone. As you can see in the image below, some had to use the handset of the phones rather than their headsets.

Why did we choose Family Fund?

As an IT company we are passionate about technology and the many advantages it can bring to both businesses and people’s home lives. We are keen supporters of Family Fund’s Digital Skills Programme which has been recently shortlisted for the Family Support Awards at this year’s Child & Young People Now Awards.

The Digital Skills Programme provides parents and carers with the education they need to support the disabled or seriously ill children in their lives. This technology can make a drastic difference and allows people to get the most out of their digital devices.

Not only does this course teach them the skills they have been missing, it also highlights and makes people aware of the security risks online and how to keep themselves and their families safe by utilising things such as parental controls. If you would like any tips or advice on how to keep yourself and your family safe online, take a look at our guide made for Internet Safety Day.

Internet safety and cybercrime is something we deal with as an IT company where we optimise technology and keep people updated with the latest scams, to prevent harm to the business. Knowing that this course it is helping fight cybercrime and keeping individuals as well as children safe, made our charity of choice obvious. Therefore, we wanted to do our bit to help raise money for Family Fund.

Every penny counts, and we are determined to raise as much as possible. Our target was £250, and we have smashed it, but we’re not done yet! We are still accepting donations and would appreciate if you could take a moment to help us help support Family Fund and donate as little or as much as you can. Click here to head over to our Just giving page to make your donation.

On 12 October we’re launching Dress Fun Friday, a UK wide day of play for you to get involved in! Find out more and sign up today