Grace, nine years old form Shropshire, has a condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), affecting the connective tissue between her joints. “Most people’s connective tissue acts like glue holding things together, whereas Grace’s is like chewing gum” explains her mum, Alexandra.

This means that Grace is prone to dislocations, and also suffers from a great deal of pain. Over the years, Grace has been awarded several grants for equipment, including an iPad, a sensory rug, and this year a bubble wall, which her mum has used to build a sensory garden.

“Grace is on the autism spectrum, and has sensory processing difficulties, so we often try to create a calming environment that can distract her from her pain, and calm her mind. There is a sensory garden half an hour from us, but it’s not always practical to get there, so we decided to create something in the garden. Just last Saturday, Grace and her friends were all out in the garden ’wow-ing’ at the bubbles.”

“Initially, Atlantic Trampolines didn’t have the bubble wall Grace wanted, but they told me that they would be happy to help, and ordered the bubble wall for us from another company. We didn’t have to pay anything extra. They were so helpful.”

Without the Family Fund grants, Grace and her sister, who also suffers from EDS, wouldn’t be able to access any of this equipment. “The funding we receive elsewhere doesn’t cover everything, and we wouldn’t be able to afford sensory equipment, which Grace and her sister Faith get hours of enjoyment from, by ourselves. I’m so thankful to Family Fund, we really are very grateful.”

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