Fundraiser Ellie took part in a charity boxing challenge to raise money for Family Fund – not only did she raise a fantastic £442, she’s improved her fitness, found a new hobby and made friends for life.

Ellie first heard about Family Fund through her friend, “my son has autism, and a friend of mine who also has children with autism told me about the charity and thanks to Family Fund, we’ve had two fantastic family breaks.” Ellie decided to fundraise for Family Fund to give something back.

“I wanted to do something that was a bit unusual. I’m quite a physical person anyway, and I wanted to really challenge myself, and do something that would raise a few eyebrows whilst raising money for charity.”

Along with a group of friends, Ellie signed up to take part in a Pink Collar Boxing Challenge where they “trained intensively for eight weeks, starting completely from scratch. At the end of the training, we held a boxing competition at the local sports arena, where we all fought each other…and then hugged!”

“Each individual fighter chose her own charity, and as a group we raised over £3000, with £442 being raised for Family Fund. We’ve all come away from it with a real sense of achievement, knowing that our hard work has made a difference. The whole experience was just fantastic. My fitness has improved, and now that the event is over, we’ve all carried on training. That said, I don’t think I’ll be fighting anymore, it would be nice to retire undefeated!”

One of the best things about the challenge was fundraising as part of a team, “fundraising in a group was lovely, as there was a real sense of camaraderie. We were a bit like a support group for each other, if one of us was feeling down, the other girls would rally around to pick each other up. Even though we were punching each other, we’re still really close friends! It was quite surreal on fight night, one minute we were wishing each other luck and the next minute, we were punching each other, then congratulating each other. The sense of community and achievement was amazing.”

Even Ellie’s work colleagues at Naomi Jackson Hairdressing got involved to support her, putting on a “fundraising day in the salon, we offered tea and cake and simple hair treatments, and local businesses donated prizes for a raffle. We ended up raising over £200 that day, which was fantastic.”

“For anyone thinking about fundraising – just do it! You don’t have to take part in a boxing match and punch your friends, but challenge yourself to raise money and you’ll feel a real sense of achievement and pride. It’s just fantastic to know that you’ve made a difference to somebody.”

Get involved in fundraising for Family Fund here.