17-year-old Eilidh from Glasgow loves music, spending time outdoors and anything electronic, especially her iPad. Her mum, Lesley, said “Eilidh has autism and a learning disability, so she can find busy, noisy environments overwhelming and stressful. I first heard about Family Fund from a friend who had also received a grant, when Eilidh was much younger. Our first grant was for an iPad, Eilidh is non-verbal and we had heard of some communication software called ProLoQuo 2 Go which works on the iPad. It has been fantastic, the grant meant that she could take her iPad out and about with her and use the software to communicate, for example ordering a drink or a cake in a café using the pictures and symbols.”

“When she got a little older I thought it would be nice for Eilidh to have a bit more space to herself, so we built an extension on the back of the house, which meant that she could have her own living area where I could still keep an eye on her and make sure she was safe. Family Fund kindly helped us with furnishing the new space and buying a television so she can watch her videos whenever she wanted. This has allowed her to have some independence as she gets older which is really important for her.”

This year, Eilidh is looking forward to a break away in a countryside cottage. Lesley said “As Eilidh has turned 17 now this will be our last grant, and we’re really looking forward to the opportunity to get away from it all and spend some quality time together. She loves to be outside where she has the freedom to be herself and the family break will help her to do just that.”