Every school morning, D heads off down our garden path to the pavement, it’s a short walk but one in which she’s always accompanied, by our cat, Bitsey.

Bitsey will trot after her, tail up in the air, meowing. Then, when D stops to wait for her school bus, Bitsey will wait too, more meowing and wrapping herself around D’s ankles.  

In the afternoon, I’m either on our front bench or standing in the doorway, waiting for D and there’ll be a chirpy meow and there’s Bitsey waiting for our girl, trotting off to meet her as soon as that school bus pulls up and D skips along to our path.

They are the best of friends.

They both seem to understand each other’s moods too.  Bitsey will be looking fierce (she does “fierce” very well) in the back garden, but the slightest hint of D going out there too and she’s meowing, overjoyed to see her buddy.

If D’s had a challenging day at school, or is on the verge of a meltdown, the sight of her furry friend will help to take the angst away, help her to regulate and calm herself.

It won’t be a surprise to know that Bitsey sleeps in D’s room too, sometimes behind the curtain where she’ll occasionally pop her head round and meow, sometimes on D’s desk, where she’ll roll about, knocking books off (that’s the cat, not D) and sometimes next to D.

I didn’t know of a cat that purred whilst asleep until we had Bitsey!

They are utterly devoted to each other, have been from the day Bitsey and her sister (Itsey, as unsociable as her sister is sociable) arrived, Bitsey is coming up for 11 now and hopefully she’ll be around to provide comfort to our D for a few years yet.

This is a craft cat that D painted of her friend, Bitsey, it was my “get well soon” after my recent op.

Friends forever.

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