Danny is seven years old, and lives in Cambridgeshire. “Danny has got CHARGE syndrome,” explains his mum, Helen. “He is profoundly deaf, because he has no hearing nerves, he has trouble walking on his own, he has Coloboma, so his vision is not great, and he has also got Tracheoesophageal Fistula, meaning he has feeding issues.”

“We are constantly needed, because he always needs help with something or another. I’m not able to work, because there are a lot of nights where he stays up all night, because his sleep is affected. It’s what we are used to though. He is our only child, so we don’t have anything to compare it to. We just crack on.”

“We did some fundraising for a hearing device for him, and when we had a bit of money left over we decided to try and adapt the garden too. Danny’s sensory issues meant that he really didn’t like the grass in our garden, so wouldn’t go out there.”

“We weren’t able to do it ourselves, because we didn’t have enough money, and my husband started the project and injured his hand, so had to stop. I heard about Family Fund through one of the Facebook groups, and after applying, it became possible to make outside more accessible.”

“The garden has been great for Danny. It’s great for his physio, and it allows him to be more independent. We have a hot tub, which we have had for a while, so now we have a special area for that. He is able to go around on his own, and we don’t have to be with him all the time.”

“Without the Family Fund grant, Danny would still have limited use of the garden, and he wouldn’t have the same independence. He loves being outside, so it makes a big difference. He is now able to go out and explore.”