Connor is two years old, and lives in Cardiff. “Connor has quite severe eczema, which is hard going, because he has got to be creamed, bathed and put in fresh clothes and bedding regularly,” explains his mum, Stephanie.

“He also has sensory issues, so he struggles going out places that might be loud or have lots of people. He doesn’t like being left with anybody else, and has to stay with me all the time or he will become really stressed.  If he gets upset, then it can trigger his eczema, which puts us into a vicious circle. It makes it hard to do everyday things like go shopping. I have to have somebody with me to distract him so that I can run around and do the things I need to do.”

“The Citizen’s Advice Bureau put me in touch with Family Fund. I found the application process easy, and the home visit was absolutely fine. We were struggling to do things with Connor, and we couldn’t find the money to be able to get a break as a family, so we decided to apply for a bit of assistance.”

“The break will allow us to have a change of scenery, and it isn’t going to be during the busy season, so I am hoping that he will be able to cope better with it. It will give me a change of scenery too, and allow me to have a bit of a break myself.”

“I know that I wouldn’t have been able to afford the break by myself. Family Fund has been very helpful, and has given me a break that is helping me out in a way that I couldn’t have been helped had they not existed.

“I just wanted to say thank you, because I am very much looking forward to the opportunity you have given us. It will be great for Connor and I.”