I am Jodie Eaton and I have three beautiful children. Lola and Stanley are both diagnosed with autism and ADHD and Lola also has a multitude of other diagnoses. Life can be pretty challenging for everyone in the family especially for my youngest Connie-Mai, who as yet has no diagnosis but is waiting to be reassessed. 

Connie-Mai is a very bright, affectionate and forgiving little girl who gets nowhere near the amount of attention I'd like to give her. I am aware that each day can be a challenge for her, especially as her sister has such high needs and she can sometimes become a target for Lola. As their parent I do my utmost to keep them both happy and safe but I am not a super parent and sometimes Connie takes the brunt of Lola's frustrations.

I wanted to show people this video because having a child diagnosed with autism, especially when anxiety is at the crux of every day and tensions are high people can overlook the true extent of the whole families situation. It doesn't just affect the parents. Mostly the whole family is affected and siblings deserve to be listened to, and more than that they need to be remembered as a person, in that family. An important part of that family and that even though one child's needs are high because of their disabilities it doesn't mean they need any less.


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