We're at a funny stage now where even though my elder boy is high functioning, it is already obvious that his little brother is rapidly overtaking him in terms of social skills and some development milestones. As a parent you can't help but have a reference in the back of your mind of when certain things should be achieved, and for generations, adults have been known to pull out the little gem of "You need to set a good example, you're the oldest child here" when talking to the eldest children in a group.  

I often wonder how aware children would be of the 'correct order' of things without adults drumming it into them. I have a feeling that something has 'clicked' and I'm certain that my boy knows that he and his big brother are very different. He now shows some understanding of the things that his big brother can't do or struggles to do, but at the moment he is completely unaware that his brother should be doing them at this age. For now they are just things that his older brother can't do, things that he needs help with just like he still needs help doing up his coat.

This acceptance without questioning has been a lovely thing to see, although I know it won't last forever. I'll never really know how much of his patience is down to his natural character or because he's simply had to adjust, but he certainly has patience in abundance, and at only two years old is honestly one of the most caring people I know. He understands that his brother is often in a lot of pain and he'll fetch things he thinks will help without being asked. Their relationship can often be one sided and is very much on his older brother's terms, but he shows amazing flexibility with this whilst at the same time gradually developing the ability to stand his ground where he feels necessary. 

I hope it lasts. I hope these are attributes which will set him up for a happy and successful life in the future. I hope I can help encourage and guide him so this is the case.

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