When Z was diagnosed with severe autism at two years, 10 months there was nothing there so to speak, his own world of lines was very much real. 

I remember sitting there asking; “Will he talk?”

“Will he ever be toilet trained?”

“Will he ever look at me and understand a basic request?”

The doctor looked at me apologetically and said, “Right now it’s severe autism. We don’t know.” 

That same night a mate said, “What ever the doctors and professionals tell you he can’t do, always add on ‘yet’.” 

Three years later I have a different child. We’ve worked hard on all aspects but to date our biggest achievement is using the toilet. We started five months ago and still have the odd accident. (Poo is a main one; he loves to poo in the hot tub!!!) But in ‘autism years’ he’s still young. 

His speech is getting better daily, ok he doesn’t have a conversation with me but he can read any word I show him. I never thought three years ago my child would be able to read, but he does. He’s amazing at spelling especially with lots of magnetic letters. 

Three years ago I never thought I’d say to him, “shoes on” or “coat on” and he’d get them, and attempt to put them on by himself.

I thought he’d be my baby forever, just a giant baby. But, as each day goes by, and the days turn into years, the changes in him are huge.

I still don’t know if he’ll ever have a conversation with me verbally.  But where we are now I’m confident that someday he may be able to communicate via written words. 

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