My name is Jodie and I’m mum to three beautiful children, all of whom are autistic and have a combination of other additional needs. I am also a children's book author determined to help children understand autism using my daughter’s experiences and transforming them into positive stories creating amazing role models that children can learn from.

Autism doesn’t define us as a family, instead it sits in the heart of who we are and spurs us on to be the best we can be. Through my families challenging experiences and my dream for autism be accepted widely and need less explanation, I have created a Kickstarter project for my brand Autism with Love Publishing®

My aim is to help children understand autism in a gentle and calming way, giving them the knowledge, they desperately need to understand differences in neurodivergent children.

I have already written two children's stories based on my autistic daughter, Lola.

Playing with Bourbon Badger sees Lola struggling with a number of sensory difficulties in the classroom and the playground. It introduces Bourbon Badger as Lola's friend and role model to help children find ways that they can be kind and helpful, accepting and understanding. Bourbon helps Lola put on her ear defenders, and after noticing her all on her own in the playground (Lola was sad and was worried that she didn’t fit in) plays with her in her own way by lining up and arranging the crayons in order instead of drawing on the floor which 'hurts her ears'. This makes Lola really happy.

The reviews back from parents who read my first story confirmed the book is working and was desperately needed to enhance communication around disabilities, improve inclusion, and stamp out bullying. 

Soon to be released - Lola's Wobbly Lunchtime introduces a new friend Maya Mouse who is inquisitive about Lola's chew toy. Lola uses the chew toy to distract herself from all of the noises as she forgot her ear defenders. Lola's sensitivities are increased and her anxiety grows so high that as she was led to the lunch room she can't contain herself any longer and runs through the lunch hall during a meltdown leaving the hall in a mess behind her. Once again, her friends come to the rescue and show Lola that they are always there for her. 

These children’s books don’t just help children understand others or accept themselves, they even have an ‘Expert Section’ designed to help parents, teachers and carers create discussion points in the home or the classroom to further enhance their learning experience. I wanted to ensure that all angles were covered in my books. I didn’t want any parent or carer to feel overwhelmed or concerned so I thought it was vital to include support from experts.

With this project, I feel that the sky really is the limit, but I need your help, support, and financial backing to be able to reach it. I want to continue to help all children thrive and be fully supported and accepted.

Will YOU be a part of the project that hopes to change autistic lives for the future? There is a reward for EVERYONE!

Head over to my kickstarter page to find out more.