September, and back to school. I've been counting down these days from forty two. I had forty two mornings left with Z, to enjoy his company, to keep him to myself for that little bit longer! Those forty two mornings have flown.

For Z this is his first year at nursery full time. He started school in January, pre-school part time. He loves school, at the end of half term, at 12.40am he went and got his uniform and sat by the front door saying ‘gool’. He took to school like a fish in water!

When he broke up for the holidays the school were still unsure of who his teacher would be, he won't be moving up with his old class he is going to stay in nursery. We know that he and another little girl who went part time will stay together, with the same learning support assistants. I’m Glad he's in the same room and with the same learning support assistants as he was just forming that little bond with them. He will know where things are and be comfortable enough for full time. We will still stay in contact with a few children in his old class through out of school activities, and school have said that they'll be next to one another so may even be joining his old class for certain lessons.

To be honest I don't think it would affect Z where ever he was, he loves school, he didn't want to leave when we went to look around, and he can't wait to get in every afternoon.

He's going to be so excited to learn they have a swimming pool; he loves the water, but missed out on swimming last term as he only attended during the mornings.

I'll miss him! I've always taken him places in the mornings, playgroups before portage, swimming and soft play. We have always been out, so to him being at school won't be any different.

I say to other parents who I know that their children will be starting in September, don't worry, the school is brilliant, the staff are amazing, when the children come out after school they are always smiling.

I am looking forward to starting a routine, a proper routine, we hit a bad patch with sleep back in May, and I said I’m not starting a new routine, I'll play it out and we'll start fresh September! I'm hoping it will work. As I've always taken him out he's not strictly routine led, we've always gone on the school run as part of my job, so again he's used to the morning school routine, I collect him again as part of my job so that's not going to change, the only thing to him is spending the morning and diner at school. I'm hoping that taking him out since he was little will help him with full time school.

I do know one thing; I can't wait to see how much progress he'll make being full time compared to how far he came part time! We're just starting the next exciting chapter of our life!

Plus when he's at school I'll be able to clean my house! I have around three years of cleaning to get through!

I'm Jo, first time mother to Z who is nearly four who was diagnosed with autism at 2 years 10 months. At the moment Z is still pre verbal, he's starting to say the odd word, and his best friend is George our Chihuahua. They both love to go for walks and play in the water! - Read more of Jo's blogs at First Time Valley Mam.