Six year old Ava-Jane from Falkirk loves to play outside, but her autism means that going to the park can be difficult for her. Her mum, Gayle, said “When she was younger it was easier to take her out and about in the buggy but now she’s getting older people can stare, and busy places like the park can be really overwhelming, with all the noise and the people.”

“We applied for a grant towards garden works, which has been amazing. We had a huge unsightly concrete pond which was dangerous and took up a lot of space, but with the grant we were able to turn this into a safe play area for Ava-Jane and she absolutely loves it. It makes such a big difference having a safe place for her to play as it’s harder for us to get to the park, we’ve got her a play hut set up a trampoline, which she loves. She’s always rocking and bouncing when she’s inside, she loves the sensory feedback the trampoline gives her.”

“The grant has really helped because it’s allowed us to give our daughter a safe play area, which we just wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. I gave up work when Ava-Jane was younger to look after her full-time, I have since returned to work but my husband now works part-time so he can care for her, which makes affording all these things difficult. It’s brilliant that there is a charity out there like Family Fund who can help with the extra costs, it makes a huge difference.”