Hi! It's me, Abigail and I'm autistic.

I've had it for all of my life and it's been happening for 11 years. I was diagnosed with autism when I was 6 years old in year 1. Sometimes it makes me feel bad about myself because when I feel upset it makes me feel blue.

I wrote a book about it to express my feelings about me with autism. I can't concentrate in big groups but I can learn when it's just me. Tests worry me, especially MATHS! I feel that I don't fit in because I’ve got to act normal. I've learnt that everybody is different and special in their own way.

I have a problem with my hands. They shake uncontrollably and sometimes it's distracting for other people trying to get on with their work. My hand shaking and my head rocking is a part of me being autistic. I also find it hard to hear properly in my class as I hear too many voices at the same time. So I have to wear earphones to help me concentrate.

It doesn't matter what level you are because if we are all the same, the world would be very unhappy and not very exciting. We've got to treat people with kindness because you can't change who they are. When I shake my hand or rock back and forward it makes me feel alone, different and left out.

Autism is a hidden disability you can't always tell if someone has it or not some people need to understand that it is important that we are kind to each other and that whoever we are we are all different in our own very special way.

Little things what calm me down?


I like reading because it gets frustration out of me, because sometimes it helps me when I’m worried and something goes wrong. I worry because when I read I like to think what happened in the story.


When I do gymnastics at school I go on the field and do lots of new skills every day and I will do cartwheels everywhere round the field.          


I like playing on the trampoline and do lots of stuff and the best part is having fun because that’s what helps. You might not know that I have got autism.

I like doing hair as well.

By Abigail